Why antisemitism? Where did it come from? Our people got the Torah from God and is the out chosen people.But nobody else wanted it.God asked other people.We did a lot of mistakes but are challenged a lot threw thousands of years. We were not wanted in a lot of countries, so we struggled to make out best to survive. Many of us are very talented and skilled in different ways. Cities and countries developed where we lived. In Sweden the first accepted people came in 1700 to help the King Gustav the third. They could not work in occupations like other. They were forced to work with trade, export, banking and health.They couldn’t have any land and when they left Sweden they needed to have money in Sweden that guarantee that they should come back. A special law for our people called Judelagen came by and ended in 1850th but by then the Swedish people already know how to use us in a bad way.Even if laws are regulated here they are not followed. We can have demonstration full of hatred to our people and the hatred is more accepted then our right to have peace.  

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